Rogue Hiker, for the elegant adventurer!

With winter coming shortly to a city near you, you’ll need to start looking for the perfect boot to conquer any adventure that gets thrown your way.

Let’s get technical

The Rogue Hiker features a combination of a waterproof leather upper section and a seam-sealed waterproof construction. On top of that, its waterproof inside zippers make them easy to get on and off. Perfect for frosty weather, the Rogue Hiker keeps feet warm down to -10°C (14°F). The moulded EVA antibacterial insole offers extra comfort and has a lightweight feel that fights bacteria and odors. The insole is machine washable to maintain its benefits over time. This hiker style boot might not be the boot you need to tackle Everest, but it will definitely help you navigate the treacherous cityscape covered in inevitable puddles, snow banks and icy sidewalks that come with winter.

Out and about with your new Rogue Hiker boot

Now that you’ve found the perfect boot for the upcoming winter season, don’t be afraid to wear them out on all your adventures, whether big or small.

Heading off to the sugar shack

If you’re from Canada, or visiting Canada, there is nothing more fun to do when it gets chilly than to head out to the sugar shack with a bunch of people and pig out! Stepping out for a typically Canadian activity with one of Canada’s oldest boot brand —a match made in maple heaven!

Making your way to the local ice rink

Potentially with friends, family, or that special someone, you’ll need a comfortable boot to take you to and from the rink. Looking effortlessly stylish before you hit the ice, now there’s nothing wrong with that.

A casual work outfit.

For those lucky enough to be able to avoid corporate attire at work, you can definitely keep the Rogue Hiker boot as casual work footwear. Stylish and versatile means you can take it from the streets right into a meeting with confidence.

Your daily commute boot

How about making it your everyday boot? If you don’t want to have to change footwear during the day, the Rogue Hiker is both practical enough for outside temperatures and versatile enough to keep on once you make it to where you were headed in the first place.


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