Off to the Orchard We Go!

It’s that time of year again! Apple picking season. Every year, families get together, drive on down to the nearest apple orchard and fill up on loads and loads of apples that will last them well until the end of Fall.

Now, although apple picking, in and of itself, is a blast we know how some of our little ones can get when they end up bored. Not to worry, we have a list of orchard-friendly games to keep them busy, energized and most of all … having a great time outside!

Below are four activities making up the 1ST ANNUAL APPLE PICKING OLYMPICS!

1) The Big Apple: who can find and bring back the biggest apple on the ground?

2) Color Combo: if they have red, green and yellow apples, try to find all three colors.

3) A Tall Order: who can stack the tallest tower of apples?

4) Hoarders: who can fill their bags the fastest?

These are just a couple of the many activities to do when you go apple picking. These ideas are meant to give your children ideas and inspiration. The key is to have them come up with other games on their own. Let’s help our children create something out of nothing! #FreeYourPlay

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