We still have a lot of beautiful winter days ahead, and here’s a fun and creative activity that will get the kids use their building skills AND their imagination! 


  • Snow 
  • Empty bottles 
  • Food dye


Step 1: Find old empty bottles lying around the house, and fill them up with snow. Then, add your choice of dye (food dye, snow paint, etc.) mixed with water. 

Step 2: Find the nearest snow hill (or you can build your own!) Carve different tracks down the hill to make paths for your bottle. You can add turns, tunnels and jumps to make it more challenging! 

Step 3: You’re all set -let the race begin! Go to the top of the tracks and let your bottles race down to the finish line. Have fun! 

*Kamik Tip: To make sure they go down smoothly, add water to ice up the tracks. 


Now that you’ve made your snowhill race, make sure to share your creation with us on Facebook and Instagram by using our hashtags #FreeYourPlay and #KamikStepOutside.


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