How to : make a milk carton city

Winter break is almost here, and that means lots of time to step outside and play! Here’s a fun activity for you and your kids, using recycled milk (or eggnog ;)) cartons , some water and a whole lot of magic!


  • Water
  • Milk cartons
  • Food colouring
  • Scissors


Step 1: It’s getting cold outside! Let’s take advantage to create a beautiful ice city.❄️To start, cut the top of an empty milk carton to create an opening.

Step 2: Fill the milk carton with water and add food colouring of your choice. Just a few drops will do!

Step 3: Place the carton outside to let them freeze for a few hours or overnight. (If the weather isn’t cold enough yet, simply place them in the freezer overnight.

Step 4: When the water is completely frozen, use hot water to loosen the ice out of the carton to reveal a beautiful ice building. Repeat these steps to build your entire city!

*Remember to recycle the milk carton afterwards. 

Now that you’ve made your milk carton city make sure you share your creation with us on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtags #FreeYourPlay and #KamikStepOutside.

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