How to choose the right boots for your child

Covering their little feet with the perfect boots

Whether it’s trekking with the family or making snow angels in the backyard, toddlers’ boundless energy and curiosity can take them anywhere. But what boots they wear to get there is another story.

Choosing the right boots for your toddler can help prepare them for all kinds of outdoor adventures, all while keeping them warm and protected. Regardless of the season, we know it can be somewhat confusing picking out the perfect boot to ensure they can play outside as much as they want to.

Following are some tips to help you make the right choice for your little ones:

Kamik’s Kid Sizing Chart

To make things easier, we’ve created an easy-to-use printable sizing chart that you can use right in the comfort of your own home. Simply print our Size Chart on a regular sheet of paper (8.5” x 11”) and follow the detailed instructions. To ensure you’ve printed the chart correctly, use a credit card and place it in the Accuracy Check section on the sheet. This way, you’ll know you’re measuring the right size for your child’s foot.

Next Step: Trying Them On

Now that you’ve measured your child’s feet, it’s time to start picking out boots. In general, a child’s foot can grow up to a half-size every three months.

Whether you order your boots online or buy them in-store, here are a couple of good pointers to check if the fit of the boot is well suited to your child’s feet.

Once you’ve slipped on the boots, ask your little ones to bring their toes as close the front end of the boot as possible. Then, make sure you can place one whole finger between their heel and the back of the boot.

When you are fitting winter boots, do not forget to try the boots with both regular socks and then with thicker, warmer socks. That way you know you’re covered if it gets really cold outside.


Another very important indication is the wigglability factor. If your toddler can’t wiggle their toes, it might be an indication that the boot is too small or too tight. A tight boot will restrict the blood circulation and your child will get cold feet.


Optimal Comfort Temperature Rating

Not every consumer, or every family, has the same needs when it comes to their winter boots. That’s why all of our boots are clearly labelled with a Comfort Temperature Rating.

When looking for the right temperature rating, remember that it is a measure of comfort assuming you will be moving in the boots. As toddlers tend to move a little less, opt for a warmer boot. For all other children, keep in mind that wearing a very warm boot when it is not necessary will make the feet sweat. Wet feet will get very cold, fast. So make sure not to over do it.  

Here’s what to look for:

One last safety tip. As darkness comes earlier and lasts longer in the winter, make sure your children’s boots are equipped with NiteRays reflective binding and patches. Kamik NiteRays reflect even the newer LED car lights. One small detail that enables your child to play safely after the sun sets.

Now that you’ve found the perfect boots, it’s time to open the door, step outside and get ready for countless hours of fun!



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