All you need to build memories is SNOW!

Here at Kamik, we want to help parents everywhere integrate free play in their child’s lives. During winter, all you need to free play is a bunch of snow! Whether it’s a snow day or an afternoon after school, here are a couple ideas that are guaranteed to entertain your little ones for hours!

Creating a Snow Friend

Outside Free Play has many benefits, one of them being that it promotes creativity. This is the perfect activity to let kids’ imagination run wild. It can be as simple as making a snowman. However, why not encourage them to come up with something out of the box? For example, who said we had to stick to three snowballs-why not make it five this time? Or suggest adding additional limbs to their new snow creature. The possibilities are limitless.

Building a Ski Jump

This one requires a pair of skis or a snowboard. Gather up a bunch of snow and start building your jump. Make sure you don’t make the jump too high, supervise the little ones and join in on the fun. It’s as simple as that!

Using Your Skis or Snowboard Creatively

Since your skis, or  snowboard, are already out this is the perfect opportunity to use them for additional free play activities. A snowboard can easily become a sled to go downhill. How about a race but you only have one ski on? Once again, this is the time to get creative and literally create something out of nothing!

Now, it’s time to step outside to enjoy the snow!

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