5 Things to do in your Kamiks this Spring

The days are already getting longer, so it’s time to get out and enjoy spring as a family. Here are five original spring activities to take you outside of your comfort zone this spring!

1. Bug hunt

Kids aren’t the only ones who get antsy when the seasons change—little critters are coming back to life too! Slip on your rain boots and organize a family bug hunt! Whether it’s looking for worms in a muddy field or catching butterflies, your children will love collecting critters. Not only will you be getting some fresh air and exercise, but you can introduce the whole family to entomology by classifying your collections. To catch as many as possible, use glass jars during the day or light traps at night.

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Be sure to keep an eye on your little ones and let them know safety rules to avoid any snags.



2. Geocaching

Are you and your kids glued to your screens? Here’s an activity that has the best of both worlds. With geocaching, you can get your fix of fresh air and technology all at once. Imagine going on a treasure hunt, but with the GPS in your smartphone. Just sign up at geocaching.com to go on a treasure hunt with your budding adventurers.

Étienne Lanctôt and his seven- and nine-year-old kids are geocaching enthusiasts. “There are so many caches everywhere. We’ve found six just a few feet from my house. And when you go to t
he countryside, you can find them along the snowmobile trails,” he says. The game stimulates his children’s imaginations. “They feel like they’re finding treasure. We bring small objects that we leave in the caches once we’ve collected our bounty.”


3. The sidewalk Art Gallery

Hit the streets, unleash your creativity and give your kids’ imaginations free rein! Sidewalk chalk is nothing new, but when you turn your neighbourhood into an art gallery it can take on a whole new dimension!

Don’t forget to capture your little Picasso’s artwork and post it on Instagram. #Kids #KamikStepOutside


4. Hide and go seek in the dark

For parents who are a little nostalgic, hide and seek is always a classic. It’s best to establish boundaries with your children. You can also give them flashlights or  headlamps for hands-free safety to avoid any hitches. Some of our styles also have reflective NiteRays, which are perfect at night. Ready or not, here I come!


5. Puddle jumping

It might be raining, but that shouldn’t stop you! Slip on your rain boots and hit up all of your local puddles. Let your kids get a little wet and wild. We promise that you’ll see smiles in no time. J Everyone loves puddle jumping!


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